Meet The Captain

Lake Tawakoni Fishing Guide
- Captain Roy Songy

With over 35 years of experience as a fresh water fisherman, Captain Roy Songy has been successfully providing fishing guide tours across Lake Tawakoni as NTX Guide Service for near a decade now!

About Captain Roy Songy

Lake Tawakoni Fishing Guide Captain Roy Songy has an awful addiction! A successful entrepreneur that simply loves to fish and spends most of his time guiding on Lake Tawakoni! Captain Roy Songy has been guiding on Lake Tawakoni for over 15 years and loves to teach new and returning anglers how to rip lips of large Striper, Hybrid, White Bass, and Trophy Blue Catfish and put them in the net! Captain Roy will fish artificial lures, liver bait, or whatever it takes to put smiles on his customers’ faces! Captain Roy Songy will take you Trophy Blue Catfish in the winter or stack a mess of Crappie Fish in your cooler! The man loves to fish Tawakoni, and you will too!
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